Balance stress naturally

noosha uses the most potent botanicals from all corners of the earth to produce teas that provide balancing support in dealing with physical and psychological stressful situations. The basis for this is provided by numerous studies on phytoceuticals and the constant exchange with doctors who specialize in nutrition and longevity.

90% of employees say they feel stressed from time to time or often, which often ends in burnout. It is therefore important to recognize the relevant warning signals and work on finding balance again in a timely manner.

The path to flow

On my travels to Asia three years ago, I became aware of the stress-balancing effects of adaptogenic herbs, which are primarily known in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. I read countless studies on each plant and became more and more excited about their potential every day.

As a passionate tea drinker, I was also fascinated by the idea that a cup of tea can contribute so much to a long, healthy life. Not only through the effect of the herbs it contains, but also through the decelerating ritual of drinking tea.

This gave birth to the idea of ​​mixing the adaptogenic herbs with our local herbs and developing potent teas. I had conversations with pharmacists and doctors who confirmed my intentions and found a partner in Bernhard Leben, a doctor and nutritionist, who already knew the potential of adaptogens. Together we developed 8 teas that accompany you throughout the day and address the different forms of stress caused by environmental factors, psychological factors and physical stress.

Christine Hesse, Founder


noosha teas are the first plant teas with adaptogens and nootropics that have been specifically developed to mobilize the body's regulatory powers during physical and psychological stress.

Mental and emotional balance is one of the essential prerequisites for a long, healthy life

»When our thoughts are in flow, so is our body«

As a specialist and nutritional doctor, I am a strong advocate of preventive medicine. That's why I pay particular attention to a healthy lifestyle and a conscious diet. The adaptogens and nootropics used in our recipes are, so to speak, nature's elite plants and are particularly rich in phytamines. They give the body energy and bring mind and health into balance. Although these dietary supplements do not replace a healthy diet, they can be a valuable aid in dealing with stress, especially thanks to their special dosage form as tea. This is particularly important because stress not only weakens the body's immune system but also causes mental illness. Each of our teas has its time and supports the body with what it needs at any given hour. But you should also take time for tea.

Dr. Bernhard Müller-Leben, partner