The origin of adaptogens and nootropics

Even though adaptogens have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, the name comes from the last century. The term adaptogens was first coined in 1947 by the Soviet pharmacologist Nikolai Wassiljewitsch Lazarev. He used this to describe active ingredients that help the human organism in stressful situations and non-specifically help to increase the body's own defenses.
In the 1960s, Israel Brekhman examined the plant world for specific adaptogenic properties. Due to his extensively documented research, he is considered the “father of adaptogens.” Triggered by his research results, the number of research publications has increased exponentially since then. Lastly also with regard to the Long-COVID regeneration.

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Numerous studies suggest that adaptogens support and strengthen homeostasis and increase the body's resistance to stressors. Scientists describe it as an “intuitive intelligence” of adaptogens, which works non-specifically and ensures increased stress resistance in:

_ Environmental factors (cold, heat, noise)

_ psychological factors (anxiety, depression)

_ high physical stress (sport, work).


Relax and relieve stress

Unlike stimulants, which only work in one direction, adaptogens are holistically balancing. The effectiveness of the stimulants is temporarily more intense, but often leads to overstimulation and imbalance with side effects. Adaptogens, on the other hand, work even after long-term use, they do not lead to tolerance and have no potential for dependence.

Boost your brain

Nootropics are a subgroup of adaptogens. The term goes back to Corneliu Guirgea (1923-1995). Guirgea was a professor of neurophysiology at the Faculty of Medicine in Bucharest and received his doctorate from the Pavlovian Laboratory in St. Petersburg. The word Noötropica comes from the Greek words noos “mind or thought” and tropos “rotation or movement”. Dr. Guirgea defined nootropics as substances that can effectively increase the performance of the human brain without side effects. He differentiated between chemically defined nootropics and herbal nootropics. The natural nootropics are so-called superfoods (nutrient-rich foods) that are used in the areas of complementary medicine, wellness and anti-aging.

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Nootropics are substances that have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system:

_ Improve working memory and learning

_ Protecting the brain from chemical toxicity

_ Improvement of cognitive functions

_ Improve creativity and motivation